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These homeowners struggled to find roofers with the talent or experience to complete their roofing project. They called and emailed with no results. When we showed up to Lee’s house we were ecstatic! We said to ourselves, “Finally a roof that can test our true ability – something we can have fun with”.
It’s not often we find a roof that makes us smile like this. Not only were we more than happy to take this project on – we asked how soon, with joy. As the main installers and owners of our company I can proudly say there isn’t a roof that can stop us. We have been here in the Vernon and Salmon areas roofing on the roof for longer than any of our competitors by a long shot. There isn’t a comparison – not even close – we have more talent and more experience than any one around. So if you have a roof that you are having difficulty finding installers, give us a call. We will be more than happy to resolve that issue for you with smiles on our faces.

Lee’s 5 star Review:

So you think you have a complex roof…When getting quotes I literally had roofers drive in and drive out and simply say “sorry not for us”. Select Roofing took the time to physically measure and inspect the roof prior to quoting it. They spent the time to educate me on shingle warranty. Workmanship was top notch. There is something to be said when the owners of the company are also the ones doing the roofing. Highly recommend them.